PikoNinja The Last Ninja

PikoNinja The Last Ninja

Ninja game Super Mario style


  • Simple to play
  • Good soundtrack


  • Too similar to Super Mario
  • Graphics jerky


Imagine if Super Mario was a Ninja and liked to hang out in the tropics. That's roughly what you get with PikoNinja The Last Ninja. The story goes that the Great Master Ke-bran-tao has fallen sick and the potion to cure him is needed as soon as possible. Master Akitoi, the second in command, has selected his best ninja, Piko, to collect the 4 sacred fruits required for the antidote.

As Piko, you run around collecting golden coins chased by all kinds of weird and wonderful bugs and creatures. The fruits lay in the Kingdom of the evil MaskiNinjas who try to stop Piko at all costs. There really is nothing that distinguishes this game from something like Super Mario except the characters are ninjas instead of Pizzamen.

However, the soundtrack is actually pretty cool and changes with each level. It's completely out of character with the cartoon-style game combining big beats with a phat bassline. Still, the gameplay can be jerky although it's challenging enough to keep you playing for a few hours or so.

Help Piko find the secret potion that can cure the Grand Ninja Master.

A platform style game that combines fun and colour with a pumping soundtrack.

PikoNinja The Last Ninja


PikoNinja The Last Ninja

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